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Semi-Automatic double carton stitching machine
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Semi-Automatic double carton stitching machine
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Product Name: Semi-Automatic double carton stitching machine
Product Model:
Click Times: 300 Times
Product Details:
CD-2000H/2500H/3000H Semi-Automatic double jointed carton Stitching
 machinery equipment
Model Name:
CD-2000H/2500H/3000H  Semi-Automatic stitching equipment
Product information:
Machine type: Double head    
Type of nail: single/double/reinforced nail  
Stitching wire: 2.0mm×(0.65-0.75mm)     
Stitching wire feeder: 4 pieces    
The servo motor: 2 pieces(Siemens)    
Speed: 600staples/min    
Stitching pitch: 10-70mm    
Box cover /Bottom: no stitching     
Electric Simens/Schneider    
Number of stitching 1-99    
Precision 0.1mm    
Stack height of sheet 900mm    
Caron sheet type: 1 piece/double pieces    
Voltage: 220V/380V/440V    
Power: 5HP    
Dimension(L*W*H) 5500mmX2100mmX2000mm    
Price: Can be negotiated(Exclusive of freight)
1 Year(Can be negotiated)
After-sales Service Provided:
Online support, Video technical support, 
  Training of technicians,Field installation, 
Spare parts of  for free: Can be negotiated    
Customized equipment: support    
Product technical advantages:
1,More than 20 years of experience, mechanical design is more mature, reasonable
Minimize the occurrence of mechanical failure, including transmission, motor gearbox,
2,Fine selection of product materials: Feeder,Stitching head ,Bottom die, BALL SCREW
Belt,Bearing,Transmission gear.
3,The blade and bottom die are made of tungsten steel from Japan and Germany.
4,Stitching wire feeder and  nailhead are from famous manufacturers, the quality and 
performance are very excellent.
5,PLC, stitching /belt motor ,motor driver,touch screen from Siemens,Electric
 from Schneider,Simens
6,The operation is convenient and simple, and the program switching can be realized 
in one minute.
Core components CD-2000H/2500H/3000H  CD-2000/2500/3000 
Item name
Touch screen display  Siemens  Siemens
Servo driver  Siemens  Siemens
PLC  Siemens  Siemens
Contactor  Siemens/Schneider  Siemens/Schneider
Servo motor  Siemens  Siemens
Thermal protection relay  Siemens/Schneider  Siemens/Schneider
Circuit breaker  Siemens/Schneider  Siemens/Schneider
Travel switch Siemens/Schneider Siemens/Schneider
Photoelectric switch Sick/Germany  Sick/Germany 
Solid state relay OMRON OMRON
proximity switch OMRON OMRON
Stop palte motor Japan china
Bearing NSK/*** renben/china
Ball screw taiwan china
Belt taiwan china
Air compressor taiwan china
Stitching head  taiwan china
Clutch taiwan china
Gear-box taiwan china
Paperboard requirement: