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Automatic folder gluer and stitcher
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Product Name: Automatic folder gluer and stitcher
Product Model:
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Product Details:
MODEL:QZD2400H/2600H/2800H automatic folder gluer and stitcher
High-lights of  QZD-2400  folder-gluers
*Mature mechanical design, high quality structural components,
*Modular concept- 
Feeder uint/ Gluing and folding/ PLC control system/ Counter ejector
*Core components from Siemens(PLC,motor,motor driver); Electrical components from schneider.
* Simple operation, energy saving and high efficiency.
                      Max. Belt Speed:   180 M/Min
                      Stitching speed:1000 point/Min
                      Max. Gluing Speed:200 Sheets/Min
                      Sheet Thickness: Corrugated Board 3-10 mm
Product information:
Max. Belt Speed 180 M/Min
Max. Gluing Speed 200 Sheets/Min
Sheet Thickness Corrugated Board 3-10 mm
Voltage: 380V
Power: 10KW/12KW
Dimension(L*W*H) 11X2.4X1.6
Price: Can be negotiated(Exclusive of freight)
1 Year(Can be negotiated)
After-sales Service Provided:
Online support, Video technical support, 
Training of technicians,Field installation, 
Provide spare parts of equipment for free: Can be negotiated
Customized equipment: support
Forming precision pressing deviation: ±0.5mm
folding deviation:± 1.5mm
Feeder uint
Belt type with feature of accuracy and stabilization
- The thickness of corrugated board is available 3 - 10 mm
- Max. Belt Speed : 180M/Min
Gluing and foldering(Lock bottom)
- Folding belt speed control
- The sheets are conveyed and folded by high 
   quality belt
- Supply glue from the subsidiary glue tank to main 
  glue tank by air pressure 
- The gluing supply by stainless steel wheel with 
   feature of glue equality/easy clean/easy disassemble
 PLC control system
- Setting by convenient touch screen
- Adjustable speed control by PLC
- Data change without machine stopping
Counter ejector
- Fast and precise sorting of the number of sheet
- Function for exquisite correction
- Roller pressing device to prevent damages
Bundle machine(optional)
Model CD-2300 CD-2600 CD-2800
Size Amm 80-880 80-880 80-880
Size Bmm 700-2300 700-2600 700-2800
Size Cmm 160-840 160-840 160-840
Size Dmm 260-1000 260-1000 260-1000
Installation areamm 3500×14000 4500×15000 4200×16000
Motor powerkw 10kw 12kw 12kw
Core Component QZD2400H/2600H QZD2400/2600
1 Bearing NSK/*** RENBEN/CHINA
2 Contactor Siemens Siemens  
3 PLC Siemens Siemens  
4 Coder Siemens Siemens  
5 Touch screen Siemens Siemens  
17 Clutch  Japan china  
6 Key-free connection ring TAIWAN china  
7 Pneumatic one-way  pump TAIWAN china  
8 Main motor Siemens china  
9 Adsorption fan TAIWAN china  
10 Conveyor motor TAIWAN china  
11 Conveyor belt TAIWAN china  
12 Gear Moto TAIWAN china  
13 Stitching head  TAIWAN china  
14 Pneumatic component TAIWAN china