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Quality standard and practical production technology of corrugated box

Edit:    Read: 175  Date: 2019-10-31
The quality of corrugated box is directly related to the safety of products. Whether in transportation, storage or placement, a good image of the box can also add points to the products and improve the value of the products. Therefore, corrugated boxes will go through a series of strict quality standards before leaving the factory, including the following three major items.
I. appearance quality:
1. Printing quality: the pattern and handwriting are printed clearly, with consistent color and bright color; the printing position error is not more than 7mm for large boxes and 4mm for small boxes;
2. Sealing quality: there is no leakage around the box body, and there is no stagger or gap after each box cover is closed;
3. Dimensional tolerance: the inner diameter of the box and the design dimensional tolerance shall be kept within 5mm for the large box and 3mm for the small box, and the overall dimension shall be basically the same;
4. Fold times of cover: the corrugated box swing cover shall be folded for more than 5 times through 180 degrees of opening and closing, and the total length of cracks in the surface layer, inner layer and inner layer of class I and class II boxes shall not be greater than 70mm; in addition, it is required that the joint shall be standard, the edges shall be neat, without overlapping angle, and the box surface shall not be damaged or stained obviously.
II. Compressive strength of cartons and influencing factors
The compressive strength of cartons is the most important quality index for many commodity packaging requirements. During the test, the corrugated cartons are placed between two pressing plates, and the pressure when the cartons are crushed is the compressive strength of cartons, which is expressed in kn.
1. Calculate the compressive strength of cartons according to the raw materials
After the compressive strength of the carton is predetermined, the suitable carton board and corrugated base paper should be selected to produce the corrugated carton to avoid the waste caused by blind production.
There are many formulas to calculate the compressive strength of cartons according to the ring compressive strength of base paper, but the kellicutt formula is more concise and practical, which is suitable for estimating the compressive strength of 0201 cartons.
2. Methods for determining the compressive strength of cartons
Due to the influence of various factors in the production process, the final compressive strength of the corrugated box produced with raw materials may not be completely consistent with the estimated results, so the final method to accurately determine the compressive strength of the corrugated box is to test the box after constant temperature and humidity treatment with the box compressive tester; for small and medium-sized factories without testing equipment, a board can be covered on the box, and then stacked on the board. Equal weight to roughly determine whether the compressive strength of the carton meets the requirements;
3. Factors affecting the compressive strength of cartons
1. Quality of raw materials
Base paper is the decisive factor to determine the compression strength of cartons, which can be seen from kellicutt formula. However, the influence of other conditions in the production process of corrugated box can not be ignored, such as the amount of adhesive, the change of the height of the corrugated box impregnation, coating, composite processing and so on.
2. Moisture
Cartons made of corrugated board with high moisture content, or stored in humid environment for a long time, will reduce their compressive strength. Fiber is a kind of water absorbent. In the rainy season and when the humidity in the air is high, the relationship between the moisture in the paperboard and the atmospheric environment is very important.
3. Box type
Box type refers to the type of box and the size proportion of the same type of box, which have a significant impact on the compressive strength. Some cartons are made of double-layer corrugated board, and the compressive strength is significantly higher than that of single-layer boxes of the same specification; under the same conditions, the higher the box is, the worse the stability is, and the lower the compressive strength is.
4. Printing and opening
The above dynamic experiments are destructive. To improve the damage resistance of cartons and commodities is to use buffer pads, partitions or other protective measures when packaging commodities. In addition, some packing cartons need to be tested for spray, weather resistance, etc. according to the contract between the two parties.
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