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Operating procedures for corrugated board production line

Edit:    Read: 174  Date: 2019-10-31
1. Inspection during shift handover
1.1 the person taking over the shift shall arrive at the post 15 minutes in advance and accept the work and other precautions of the day arranged by the team leader.
1.2 the shift handover personnel shall inquire the shift handover personnel about the production of the previous shift, the operation of the equipment, the products being processed and to be processed, and the problems to be noticed and solved on the shift.
1.3 the shift handover personnel shall conduct detailed inspection on the work handover content. Whether the equipment is in good condition, the workplace, equipment and other sanitation and equipment lubrication and maintenance are true.
1.4 after both parties confirm that there is no mistake, fill in the written handover record, and the handover work is completed.
2 preparation before operation
2.1 after the shift handover is confirmed, the production plan (production notice) shall be reasonably arranged to each production team according to the production plan (production notice) and production shift arrangement issued by the planning and commissioning center.
2.2 according to the arrangement of the production team leader and the paper distribution requirements of the production notice, the technologist of the production line shall issue a picking list one time cycle in advance according to the paper distribution required by the production quantity, and the picking list shall be approved by the team leader before the production materials are collected from the warehouse; according to the requirements of the production notice, the paper width, weight, color, etc. of the picked production materials shall be confirmed.
2.3 the main engine operator shall check the equipment again, connect the main engine power supply, let the equipment run by air to observe whether the equipment operates well and stably, check whether the parts and components are loose, whether there is any abnormal condition, etc., if any, report to the work section immediately and inform the mechanical and electrical repairmen for inspection and maintenance; drain the water in the centralized air supply device and each filter device.
2.4 the glue making personnel shall prepare the adhesive according to the production notice and make relevant records.
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