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How to control the production cost of tile line

Edit:    Read: 177  Date: 2019-10-31
The production cost of corrugated box enterprises refers to all costs incurred when raw materials such as base paper and starch become finished products of cartons through production procedures such as corrugated board, printing slotting, folding and bonding, including direct materials, direct labor and manufacturing costs. The cost of corrugated board occupies the highest proportion, so the cost management of corrugated board production line is very important. To reduce production cost, tile line is the first to bear the brunt. Let's talk about how to reduce the production cost of tile line.
First of all, we should reduce the downtime rate and the scrap rate.
The abnormal shutdown of corrugated board production line will produce a large number of waste products, which will reduce the production efficiency and increase the production cost. According to the five elements of human, machine, material, method and environment, find out the main reasons of tile line shutdown, and then solve each reason. Specifically speaking, in order to reduce the production cost of tile line, it is necessary to ensure the reasonable production schedule, and try to arrange the processing of cartons of the same quality level that different customers need to produce together. In order to reduce the production cost more effectively, this principle or such combination should also consider the size of the carton to minimize the waste produced by the cardboard line. In addition, the area of paperboard should be calculated specially to optimize the processing area of paperboard and reduce unnecessary waste of materials. When arranging the corrugating machine, it needs to keep the same paper and the same width of base paper together, and the width is from wide to narrow, so as to reduce the number of paper and order changes.
In order to reduce the outage rate, we must do well in the maintenance of the tile line equipment, give full play to the performance of the equipment, and improve the production efficiency is an effective measure to reduce the production cost in disguised form. The tile line equipment shall be maintained at three levels:
Daily maintenance. It is supervised by operators, equipment and management personnel, especially the bearing lubrication of mechanical equipment, to ensure the good operation of the equipment.
Secondary maintenance. It is completed by equipment maintenance personnel and assisted by operators. Mainly pay attention to the running, emitting and leaking of equipment steam and the adjustment of equipment status.
Overhaul. The equipment department shall make a detailed overhaul plan and implement it according to the problems in the use of the equipment. Among them, the daily maintenance of equipment is very important and less investment cost, but the effect is better. On the one hand, it can extend the service life of the machine, maintain the normal and stable operation, on the other hand, it can also reduce the probability of mechanical failure and the emergence of non-conforming products, and it also saves human and material resources, which is also the place to pay attention to in reducing the cost of tile line. We should also pay attention to the reasonable inventory of equipment spare parts, that is, to reduce capital occupation, and to ensure timely maintenance needs and production.
Adoption of new technology and technological transformation
Using the production management system of corrugated board production line to control the production cost can accurately count the production efficiency of the corrugated board production line, realize the speed synchronization of the whole production line, and effectively reduce the waste products. Generally, it can reduce the scrap rate of paperboard by more than 5%, and reduce the amount of starch. The use of automatic paper feeder will greatly reduce the waste of base paper, and improve the speed and production efficiency. If for cost reasons, at least one automatic paper feeder should be installed before the plywood process. We need to pay attention to the selection of the production management system, because there are many products in the production management of the enterprise. How to choose? The key point is not just the price comparison, but how to accurately achieve the purpose of saving raw materials, especially the accuracy of paper change. The good can be controlled at about 1 meter, and the bad error can be as high as 20-30 meters! In addition, the computer can automatically control the amount of paste according to the different paper and speed, so that the gap between the paste and the paste can be automatically reduced when running at high speed, and the amount of paste can be properly increased when running at low speed, so as to save at least 15% of the paste. Then, for the temperature control part, the computer can automatically adjust the baking area of the preheating cylinder according to the paper and the speed, so as to ensure the hardness of the cardboard.
The use of the touch bar of the gluing machine can effectively control the gluing amount and greatly improve the quality of the paperboard. As well as the temperature control of hot plate and preheating cylinder, the investment is not large, but the money saved is at least 3% - 5% less than that of manual operation.
The paper tension control reduces the warpage of the paperboard and the scrap rate, so the use of the tension balance roller should be the continuous improvement of the domestic paperboard production.
The cost of raw materials can be directly reduced by using low weight base paper and BC corrugated instead of AB corrugated.
Energy saving produces economic benefits
No profit means losing the chance of survival in the market competition. At present, many carton enterprises hope to start from the internal energy saving and consumption reduction, control and improve the efficiency. But in the actual operation, due to improper measures, not only can achieve the purpose of energy saving and cost reduction, but also affect their own output.
If the enterprise really wants to start from the internal energy saving, the steam recovery system of corrugated board production line will be the best project for the corrugated board production enterprise in energy saving transformation, and its energy saving efficiency can be as high as 25%. However, the system should be designed and installed by a professional company with technical strength and good after-sales service quality, so as to achieve the best energy-saving effect. The waste of heat energy should be eliminated in production management and maintenance.
Another energy-saving measure is to carry out energy-saving transformation on the frequency converter of the tile line equipment. Especially for the main drive motor with very high power, it is an inevitable trend to use frequency converter to drive. AC servo technology is used to drive the computer crosscutting machine, i.e.
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