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Common corrugating board defects and Solutions

Edit:    Read: 42  Date: 2019-10-31
There are many reasons for the quality problems of corrugated board, such as the quality defects of base paper, the improper production technology, the bad machine, and the degree of operation technology.
To prevent the quality problems of corrugated board, first of all, we should pay attention to the control from the source of quality, that is to strengthen the quality inspection and control of base paper, and carry out serious maintenance and repair of production equipment. When the source of production quality is well controlled, we should also pay attention to the operation technology and process technology. For example, if the production speed of the single-sided machine drives fast under the conditions of different quality base paper, different moisture content base paper and different production environment, it is easy to produce quality defects.
Therefore, scientific and reasonable control of the production process is also an effective measure to improve the quality of corrugated board processing.
Elimination of warpage and deformation of corrugated board
Use appropriate, even and constant amount of glue;
The moisture content of the base paper should not exceed the standard.
A certain amount of retention should be kept in the process of corrugated board passing through the paper overpass.
According to the moisture content of the base paper, adjust the production speed of the machine; the tension of the paper roll should be controlled appropriately, not too tight or too loose, and there should be no tension difference on both sides;
The pressure of the weight roller should be adjusted to keep moderate, and the water balance of the base paper should be adjusted by increasing or reducing preheating or spraying steam.
Control the temperature and humidity of single side or double side machine.
Corrugating roll, pressure roll, movable roll and preheating roll shall be adjusted and kept in balance;
The corrugating roll with severe wear shall be replaced with a new one;
Do not use corrugating paper, face paper or inside paper (box board paper) with large water content difference for forming.
Causes of washboard deformation of corrugated board
Due to the effects of temperature, adhesive, machine tension and base paper quality, corrugated board is prone to washboard deformation.

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